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Here are a few video recipes if you are stuck in your 52 Pick-Up Challenge.
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Video Recipe #1 (Dayna McLeod)
1. Import every single video clip on your computer regardless of quality, size, or compression into editing program.
2. Select 1 frame to 1 second of each clip, and place in sequence. If you have more than 30 clips, reduce length from 1 second significantly.
3. Edit to your liking.

Video Recipe #2 (Dayna McLeod)
1. Take a really, really bad movie and edit it into the best 1-3 minute video ever.

Video Recipe #3 (Dayna McLeod)
1. Film 10-30 seconds of yourself doing the dishes, or any other daily repetative household activity, every day for 7 to 30 days.
2. Capture and import clips into editing program.
3. Use at least 1 frame of every clip, but no clip in its entirety in your sequence.

4. Edit to your liking.

Video Recipe #4 (Alain Goulem)
1. First, shoot as many friends as you can.
2. Then ask them to list their favourite words. Be sure to ask for (active) verbs, adjectives, nouns, pronouns, conjunctions etc...
3. Write out the words.
4. Write a story from the words.
5. Then edit the story together one word at a time.
6. Cook 'til rendered and enjoy!

Video Recipe #5 (Lukas Blakk)
Download this iPhoto & iMovie, year in your life, catch-up video recipe.
See Lukas Blakk's

Video Recipe #6 (Dayna McLeod)
Download this video recipe on how to Rotoscope video using Photoshop and Quicktime Pro.

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