Artists are listed in the order that their Year One, Week One videos were received. Some artists have embarked on a second year!
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Dayna McLeod
Year 1, Start Date: 04.01.2009
Year 2, Start Date: 11.01.2010 >>

Year 3, Start Date: 07.04.2014 >>
Dayna McLeod is a video and perfomance artist who loves television. She conceived and coordinates 52-Pick-Up.

Alexis O'Hara
Year 1, Start Date: 04.01.2009
Year 2, Start Date: 11.01.2010 >>
Alexis O'Hara is an undisciplined artist gaily toiling in luminous obscurity. She likes to sing, crack jokes, twiddle knobs and press record. She pays rent in Montreal. 52pickupvideos is her new crush.

Nikki Forrest
Year 1, Start Date: 04.01.2009 >>
Year 2, Start Date: 14.02.2011 >>
Nikki Forrest is an interdisciplinary artist working in Montreal.

Jackie Gallant
Year 1, Start Date: 04.01.2009 >>
Year 2, Start Date: 31.01.2011 >>

Jackie Gallant is a Montreal based musician and sound artist who has recently discovered the joys of snorkeling and video making.

Alain Goulem
Year 1, Start Date: 04.01.2009 >>
Year 2, Start Date:
16.08.2010 >>
Alain is a Montreal actor/director/writer/musician...but he hates titles.

Midi Onodera >>
Start Date: 04.01.2009
Midi Onodera is a Toronto-based film/video artist who is obsessed with toy camera.

mél hogan
Start Date: 18.01.2009 >>
Start Date: 19.12.2011 >>
Mél Hogan is studying to become a digital doctor and has recently joined a noise band, and is making some haiku-videos.

Meredith Fowke >>
Start Date: 25.01.2009
Meredith Fowke is a novice film maker, mother and human being.

Year 1, Start Date: 25.01.2009 >>
Year 2, Start Date: 15.03.2010 >>
Skidmore is a reluctant performer, painter, potty poet. Here and now, one hopes, transiting tech tardation and alliteration.

Peter Kingstone >>
Start Date: 15.02.2009
Peter Kingstone likes things. And he does stuff. He is distributed by Vtape and represented by Pari Nadimi Gallery. Invite him home.

Joey Stevenson >>
Start Date: 01.03.2009
Joey Stevenson lives in San Francisco. She is a hairdresser who is constantly searching for the next feminist dance party.

Lex Vaughn >>
Start Date: 08.03.2009
Lex Vaughn was once told that artists who have interests in too many things will never make any money. Why didn't i listen?

Nightwood >>
Start Date: 15.03.2009
Nightwood is lady-fronted rock trio from Montreal!

Chelsey Lichtman >>
Start Date: 05.04.2009
Chelsey Lichtman aka Chelsey Licht-a-Womyn, is a multidisciplinary artist from Toronto. She is the co-founder of the fat activist and performance duo The Fat Femme Mafia, and the host of Granny Boots, the radical queer weekly performance night at the Gladstone Hotel.

GinO Belleci >>
Start Date: 19.04.2009

Maureen Grant
Year 1, Start Date: 26.04.2009 >>
Year 2, Start Date: 30.08.2010
Maureen Grant is documenting a year of analog and digital media experiments.

Thea Chapman >>
Start Date: 31.05.2009
Thea Chapman loves old Abba videos and playing with cameras. She lives and goes to school in Montreal. She is 6 years old.

Sabrina Ratté
Year 1, Start Date: 20.12.2009 >>
Year 2, Start Date: 03.01.2011 >>
Year 3, Start Date: 07.01.2013 >>
Sabrina Ratté works with analogue and digital video tools in order to create virtual landscapes out of electronic light.

George >>
Start Date: 11.01.2010
George is a performance artist, developing his video making practice while participating in the 52 Pick Up project with much enthusiasm and delight.

Matthew Forbes
Year 1, Start Date: 06.06.2010 >>
Year 2, Start Date: 06.06.2011 >>
Matthew Forbes delivers mail for money and makes films and videos for himself and anyone else who might want to watch. I also pine for the country a lot.

Donna Akrey
Year 1, Start Date: 28.06.2010 >>
Year 2, Start Date: 06.06.2011 >>
Donna Akrey lives and works in Montreal.

Glenn Gear >>
Start Date: 09.08.2010
Glenn Gear is a multi media artist with a very messy studio. Occasionally some interesting and even beautiful things manage to pop up from the debris...animation, installation, live projection, new media, retro media, and detritus. I just make stuff. My art, like my life, is a work in progress. | (alias: 'Lou')

Amber Goodwyn >>
Start Date: 22.11.2010
Amber Goodwyn is a musician/writer/filmmaker/artist/zinester/blogger/activist who is learning what it means to be less jack-of-all-trades and more master of one something.

Brian McKenna >>
Start Date: 22.11.2010
Brian McKenna is from Lethbridge Alberta. He lives and works in Amsterdam.

Start Date: 29.11.2010 >>
Start Date: 12.12.2011 >>
Lamathilde is a video-sound-performance artist. she plays with the coby low-grade video camera to make some videhoïkus.

Emily Gan
Start Date: 29.11.2010 >>
Start Date: 17.03.2014 >>
Emily is a media artist and yoga teacher based in Montreal, Canada.

Erin Sexton >>
Start Date: 27.12.2010
Erin Sexton is excited by limitation, pulling apart and stripping down any process she encounters, often arriving at the opposite extreme. Currently living in Montreal, she explores sound through video, installation, and performance.

Trevor Aikman >>
Start Date: 03.01.2011
Trevor is a freelance documentary editor mostly located on the windswept prairies of Regina, Saskatchewan. He’d like to do much more of this.

Teodora Zamfirescu >>
Start Date: 10.01.2011
Teodora is an artist who lives and works in Vancouver at the moment. She likes this idea because it's mainly like having deadlines with yourself but with some additional outside pressure. She's going to try to not overthink the videos for this cleanse.

Anick St Louis >>
Start Date: 18.04.2011
Anick St-Louis likes to work with images and sounds (these days she needs to take risks).

Shereen Soliman
Start Date: 30.06.2011
Start Date: 28.05.2012 >>
Shereen Soliman is a fiend about video art, but lately, she's been really digging super8 and 16mm, especially those sturdy, old-school, hand crank bolexes.

Jane L Kasowicz >>
Start Date: 08.08.2011

Jane L Kasowicz dabbles in all that is esoteric, plays in multiple Montreal projects and is a recent video aficionado. Everything is an experience.

Zohar Kfir
Start Date: 15.08.2011 >>
Start Date:
13.08.2012 >>
Zohar Kfir is a Montréal-based video artist working with experimental video, interactive art and installation.

Annie Briard >>
Start Date: 29.08.2011
Annie Briard is an interdisciplinary artist producing open-ended fables in fantastical universes often taking the form of animated video installations to question our dissociated environmental and interpersonal relationships. She is represented in Montreal by Joyce Yahouda Gallery.

Monika Kin Gagnon >>
Start Date: 26.09.2011
Monika got hooked on toy cameras after Midi Onodera's toy camera workshop in Montreal. 52 Pick Up is the perfect antidote for her 5-year film archiving project.

T.L. Cowan
Start Date: 17.10.2011 >>
Start Date: 11.03.2013 >>
T.L. Cowan lives in Brooklyn, but still prefers Montreal bagels. T.L.'s Year 2 videos are part of the Queer Coping Project, which will eventually become a collaborative video project for queers, trans* folks and feminists dealing with difficult religious religious relatives. For more information go to
You can email her at QueerCoping(at) or go to

Michele Clarke >>
Start Date: 27.08.2012
Michèle Pearson Clarke is a filmmaker, photographer and maker of to-do lists.

Vanessa Tolkin Meyer >>
Start Date: 24.09.2012
Vanessa Tolkin Meyer is currently a phD student at Concordia university in the Communication department. She likes to watch films, make them and then when forced she will write about them in an intelligent manner. She likes art but gets weird in galleries.
Vanessa's Vimeo page

Kenaim Al Shatti >>
Start Date: 14.01.2013
Kenaim Al Shatti works with custom sounds and computerized shapes in order to bare his beating heart.

Asha Sheshadri >>
Start Date: 28.01.2013
Asha Sheshadri dwells in San Diego CA, inhaling, exhaling, extracting, assembling and manipulating the souls of calculators, robots, engines, and trees in pursuit of a sublime definition.

Alexandra Velasco >>
Start Date: 18.03.2013
Alexandra Velasco likes to transform her reality and give life to her nightmares.

Coral Short >>
Start Date: 01.04.2013
Coral Short is an international multimedia artist who has been creating videos for 15 years. Short has many beloved people, communities, and locations that she calls home.

Miguel Medina >>
Start Date: 15.04.2013
Miguel Medina, musician, composer, filmaker, Kafka and Deleuze fan.

Sébastien Durand >>
Start Date: 23.09.2013
Sébastien Durand is an animation director based in Southern France. He works with traditional media, video and cgi.

Guillaume Vallée >>
Start Date: 11.11.2013
Multidisciplinary artist who likes to create visual hybrid organisms with decayed & destroyed material - Super8, 16mm, VHS. Alternation, direct interaction, distortion; working mainly cameraless.

Jennifer Juniper Stratford >>
Start Date: 30.12.2013
Jennifer Juniper Stratford is a multidimensional artist working with the television signal.

Sequinette >>
Start Date: 24.02.2014
Sequinette is a NYC based female to feline drag performer looking to expand into more interdisciplinary media. She is also a pet groomer.

Andrée-Anne Roussel >>
Start Date: 23.06.2014
Andrée-Anne Roussel is interested in sensorial cinema and ambiguity.

Sybil Montet >>
Start Date: 06.10.2014
Hybrid visual artist and poetic technoid from Paris

kg guttman >>
Start Date: 13.10.2014
k.g. Guttman is an artist, dancer, teacher, and currently a research candidate in the PhDArts program of Leiden University and the Roal Acdemy for Art in the Hague, the Netherlands.